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We feel your hardships with varying estate plans, taxes, testators, administration and other factors when it comes to probate. As Probate and Estate attorneys, our aim is to provide assistance in your tribulations; in instances like untimely demise of your dear ones, executing of will, government levied taxation, probate forms, tax laws essential to estate administration & planning, family law intricacies and other such concerns.

In an age of do-it-yourself legal services, it can be tempting to try and handle common legal matters ourselves, especially in a recession. When it comes to wills and probate issues, this can be a big mistake. After all, the cheapest option isn’t always best.

The probate process is much more complicated than you might think. It definitely involves more than simply writing down what you want to leave to whom. There is a host of legal and tax issues that need to be addressed by a licensed professional familiar will the wills law in your state. At minimum, this can ensure your will is legal. Ideally, the will lawyer’s interaction can help make sure your wishes are fulfilled to the fullest extent allowed by the laws of your state. At the very least, an estate planning attorney can save your family from some unpleasant surprises after you are gone.

Farrukh Nuridinov, Esq. is a legal professional that will provide you with the peace of mind when it comes to handling your estate and inheritance planning. He can confidently guide you through New York probate process. Law Offices of Farrukh Nuridinov P.C. can make navigating this complex process much easier, reducing your stress and letting you focus on healing from your loss. Based on your specific situation, we may also be able to help you put an estate planning strategy in place that lets your loved ones avoid the hassle and expense of the probate process after your death.

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Practice Areas

• Probate and Estate Administration

With extensive experience in the legal industry, my services for probate span across Probate Proceedings, Administration, Litigation and Avoidance.View More »

• Estate Planning

An extensive estate plan can cater to all the plausible financial and/or healthcare concerns that you or your family might come to faceView More »

Wills and Trusts

A will is a document that determines to whom and how the takings of an estate are to be distributed to the beneficiaries.View More »


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