About Us

The Law Offices of Farrukh Nuridinov P.C. has substantial combined legal experience helping our clients deal with drafting simple wills as well as complex wills, trusts, powers of attorney, living wills, healthcare proxies and guardianship applications. We also litigate probate issues as well as wrongful death cases.

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Our experienced, dedicated law firm provides expert legal advice to our clients concerning drafting wills and trusts. We litigate all types of estate issues throughout the Metropolitan New York area. Our firm litigates wills and trust cases, accounting proceedings, missing assets issues, probate and administration issues. We also protect beneficiaries rights!

Our highly experienced attorneys are recognized for their dedication to our clients and the excellence of the legal work we provide for our clients. We are respected by judges, court personnel and other members of the legal community. We litigate estate and will related issues in the Surrogate Courts in the Metropolitan New York area.

Contact our New York Wills, Trusts and Estate attorneys at (347)240-9741, cell: (347)845-2029 for a free consultation. Alternatively, you can email to info@willsprobatelawyer.com. We respond to inquiries seven days a week. We are attorneys you can rely on to assist you with all types of issues regarding wills, trusts, estates and guardianships.